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Hey all. I just found this website. I am a 22 year old Male. I went to the doctor on 6/30 for a routine appointment and to make sure my sore throat was not anything more than that since I was seeing my girlfriend for the first time in a month for Independence Day.

He told me that my blood levels were borderline anemic. I went and did a first CBC and it came back that it looked to be an Iron Deficiency Anemia and that my ferritin and hemoglobin was low. I got a second order for 4 new blood tests (the specific tests I can find out if you want to know). When I picked up the order for more blood work I was told that I should go to a Hematologist to confirm that it was iron deficiency.

The hematologist was nice and went over some results. Before I met with her they toke another 4 vials of blood and I will know the results of that when I go back to her for a follow up on 7/27. She told me according to their labs I did not look like I had anemia but the values that each lab had were different.

She told me that I have slightly smaller MCV than what is considered normal and slight abnormal liver function and that my WBC was 1 point lower than what is considered normal. She stated for me to get a Colonoscopy.

I am a little afraid of this to tell you the truth because I have never had anything like this done before. In addition I am curious as to really why she ordered it if you guys would like to shed some light on that. I mean I know it is to see if there is anything wrong with my colon to make sure that is not causing any of this.

Any words of wisdom you guys can offer that would be great. I am a member of a similar website for people with thyroid conditions since my girlfriend went through that last year and they were very helpful for putting my worries at rest for her. So I guess what I am saying is talking to people who have gone through this before makes me more comfortable.

Thanks for any advise, etc that you could give me.
Hopefully one of the "experts" will chime in about the IV transfusion. I don't know anything about that except what I have read here on some of the threads.

Ironically my low iron was discovered at a Red Cross blood drive. I gave blood in Feb, then in May and was turned away in July (all within the proper time span) because my iron was below the acceptable levels. Coincidentally at the Feb and May drive I was borderline but no one said it was a problem but in July the nurse gave me aninformation sheet and advised me to see my doctor and thus the testing began. My first blood tests showed my ferritin was only a 5 and my iron was a 25. My MCV and MCH were also low.

My primary doctor sent me to a Gastroenterologist who did the upper and lower scopes and when they showed nothing I then had an interesting test where I swallowed a pill that had a camera which took pictures of my small intestine. It cannot be seen by either the upper endoscopy or colonoscopy. When that was normal, they then sent me a hematologist. My appointment with her was November 17. Very frustrating waiting for insurance approvals and open appoitment dates for the various tests and the specialist. So what you are experiencing is the norm I would say.

The hematologist started me on iron pills and checked my blood levels 1 month, 2 months and then 5 months later. All my levels started to improve so at my April visit she told me to stop them and come back and see her in Ocotber. So I'm in limbo now wondering what is happening with my iron. My ferritin only went up to 40 and most of the posters here say that is not a great number so I sit and wonder.

Well I've rambled on enough for now but I just wanted to let you know that what you are going through (i.e the waiting, the testing, the insurance approval etc. etc.) is pretty normal even though most of the posters here are women and you are a 22 year old man.;) I do hope that you get some answers soon so your problems can be resolved. look forward to hearing an uodate from your appointment.

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