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Hello ITguru!

Welcome to the Boards however I'm sorry that you have to be here.

It sounds like you have some good doctors who are taking a real interest in you and that is something we like to hear. Unfortunatley a colonscopy is the usual next step after IDA is discovered. They need to do one to see if you have any internal bleeding. they may also do an upper endoscopy to view your esophaghus and stomach for possible bleeding. This is exactly what happened to me in august 08 when they found out I was IDA and to many of the other folks are this board. The cause of anemia for most women is heavy periods but if you are a male or a woman who is post-menopausal and no longer having a period then the next culprit could be internal bleeding. Some of us have IDA because we have a malabsortpion problem possibbly brought on by taking PPI's (like Nexium for reflux).

Having a colonscopy sounds scary but it really isn't that bad. You will be sedated and will not feel anything. The prep that you have to drink to cleanse your bowels is not that tasty but you will survive it. I can give you more info once you know that you need to have one.

Let us know how your appointment goes on thw 27th. By the way it is very important for you to get actual copies of the blood test results to see that nothing is overlooked. If you post them here someone might be able to interpret them for you.

Take Care!

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