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Ferritin 38 (10-291)
TIBC 257 (250-450)
UIBC 164 (150-375)
Iron, Serum 93 (35-155)
Iron Saturation 36% (15-55)

Then after the test results came in, he said my Iron looked great. I thought if the Ferritin was on the lower side that the TIBC should be higher, am I right?? I do know that my problem with fatigue keeps getting worse and I feel that I can barely go at times.

I'm just not sure what to think.


Abbeyg--Your doctor is correct in saying that your iron is great with the exception of your ferritin levels. This needs to be raised at least to 50 minimum for health and even much higher for optimal levels. Your iron panel appears normal to me, from what I have learned about reading them. I am not a doctor, so you will have to reply on what your doctor tells you. We can only tell you what we have experienced and learned. The TIBC is raised in the presence of anemia. Fatigue is also associated with a low ferritin (and many other things too) which you do have. A low ferritin is also associated with iron deficiency, before iron deficiency anemia sets in.

When you are having other things along with iron become deficient, then you may want to consider seeing a GI doc for further testing for a possible malabsorption syndrome. Hope this helps a little. Take care. FLFG:)

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