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I have been dealing with a thyroid issue lately and I thought that is why I have felt so exhausted for the last few months. In the past I have been anemic and a few days ago I just had that same utterly tired feeling, so I tried taking some iron. I took two 300 mg pills (one in the morning and one just after lunch) and by the evening I felt better than I have in months. I took 2 more today and feel like I'm functioning almost like normal. Is it just likely that I've had 2 good days or could I really feel the iron working that quickly? I haven't been tested for anemia recently, so it's entirely possible that I am. I was a few years ago and I was when I was pregnant. Any thoughts? I am taking the dose that I took when I was anemic. If I'm not anemic, is 600 mg a day too much?
superboo-Welcome to the boards!

First thing that I would like to say is that anemia and thyroid problems are so much the same when it comes to the way that you feel and symptoms.

I went to the GYN 5 years ago due to symptoms that at the time I thought were anemia, and the doc did my full blood work, at least he was good, and ran more than the CBC alone. He also included the thyroid panel, and I ended up being diagnosed with Hashi's at that time. No anemia!!! This is why I say the symptoms are the same, because they are indeed.

You should not be taking iron until after your blood is tested for many reasons that I won't get into to here. The easiest answer is to go have a CBC done to see if you are anemic or not.

I would stop taking iron or this will skew your test results as well. The amount of iron that you are taking is a high dose and should only be done under the direction of your doctor. FLFG :)
I would agree with FLFLOWERGIRL, taking such a high dose of iron 'could' be dangerous, but then i'm not a doctor, but do know most of the iron supplements for people with low iron contain about 300 or so mg of iron.

I too have thyroid issues and have hashimoto's. For the last week or so i've not been feeling too wonderful and like you said, i too am feeling the way i used to feel when my ferritin was down at 8. On saturday when i was doing my housework i had to take about 4 lie downs throughout the day to regain energy. I know it's not my ferritin as it was up to 80 about 5 weeks ago. I have a feeling it's related to my thyroid and in particular to my adrenals as my cortisol levels had come down a fair bit recently.

Does your thyroid doctor check your adrenals to see whether your cortisol levels are too low/high? Do you check your Vitamin D levels? Vit D is beneficial for our adrenal function too.

The joys of thyroid issues!! Hope your feel better soon :)

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