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Low Ferritin
Jul 24, 2009
I am 50 yrs. old. I am feeling lethargic. I always have palpitations even with minimal exertions. My doctor suggested blood tests. Ferritin result is 1.99 ng/ml. Comb's direct/indirect- negative.Reticulocyte count - 2.0. Hemoglobin- 5.90 gm. Hematocrit 21.0. White Blood cells - 4110/cuum. Segmenters- 52%; lympocyte- 33%, Eosinophil - 5%, Monocyte- 10%, Basophil- 0%, Platelet count- 317. Red blood cells- 3.2 M/cumm. Mean Corpuscular Vol- 66.0 fL, Mean Corpuscular Hgb 18.6 pg. Mean Corps Hgb Conc. 28.1%
My menstral cycle is regular.

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