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Audrey, Thank you again for your reply. These tests were done by my Endo.

Test results again

B12 320 (211-911)
Ferritin 20 (11-307)
Vitamin D 25 L (40-100)

My FT4 and FT3 were also tested.

TSH 1.08 (.45-1.45)
FT4 .79 (.61-1.76) 15.65% of range
FT3 2.7 (2.3-4.2) 21.05% of range

I KNOW this is low but I can't seem to persuade anyone to take notice.

Also have menopausal FSH and Estradiol numbers (also have copies of that) but had a period in May (before that was November).

I DO have copies of ALL the test results. I will see my GP next week. I will try once more. The GP has done a lot of testing and each time some new crazy result comes but nothing is put together. (ie high calcium, high cholesterol, shortness of breath with exertion, heart palpitations, inappropriate sinus tachycardia, horrible hip pain.....)The GP sent me to this endo and they know each other. Changing one will mean changing both BUT I would be willing to do that if I could find someone to actually agree that these numbers are out of whack. I have seen my GP, an Endocrinologist, a Gastroenterologist, a Neurologist, an Otolaryngologist, a Cardiologist.......Each addresses the specific symptom for their specialty only!! I am just so frustrated because the "off results" are there in plain view but no one is taking the time to add things up!! I have tried but I am NOT the doctor! The problem is that I look good and when I enter the office the first thing they say is that I look good so I can't be sick!! Does someone have to let themselves fall apart just to get noticed? Sorry for ranting on but again, thanks for listening! Hoppy

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