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I just had my blood drawn to check on the levels. Previous tests from 8 months ago:

B12 324 (211-911) (2007)

B12 424 (211-911)
MCV 98 (80-98)
Vitamin D 20.7 (40-100)
Ferritin 30 (10-291)

I took Vitamin D 50,000IU twice weekly but my calcium level went too high so I was switched to 5000IU D3 daily. I started taking 5mg sublingual B12 and managed to get that number up to 504 briefly.

New blood test

B12 320 (211-911)
Ferritin 20 (11-307)
Vitamin D 25 L (40-100)

I am told these are all in normal range. At what point does someone take notice. Most of my symptoms are being blamed on menopause and Hashimotos HypoT. My thyroid levels are perfect according to the Endo. FT4 and FT3 are at the lower end of range but TSH is great so no increase in meds. I am not totally menopausal but I have not had a period in months so that is not an issue with the ferritin levels.

I have been to a GI doc (not very personable) and had an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Had polyps (5, one precancerous) removed and told to return in 5 years.....that's it.

What kind of doctor does a person go to and at what levels?

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