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Hi hopalong too - i was just reading your post and one word stood out, "Hashimoto's".

With thyroid issues, not every single person will be affected in precisely the same way. It affects us individually with key symptoms, while a range of other symptoms we can share identically.

I too have Hashimoto's and my BIG problem is malabsorption of nutrients. I'm on iron supplements and likely will be for life. Once when my ferritin got up to 60 i eased off the iron supplements and began taking them 3 or 4 times per week. My iron ended up dropping. So now i take them religiously and even so it's an effort staying up high.

My Vit D was also very low and presently i'm on 10,000IU 5 days per week. I was on 5,000IU daily but my thyroid doctor has noticed that in winter i need a heap more.

Does your thyroid doctor monitor your ferritin, Vit D etc regularly? it ought to be monitored, including the other things you are low in eg: B12. Have they checked your iodine? My iodine levels were quite low so i've been on pure iodine daily too. The best iodine test your doctor can do is a urine iodine test as the basic blood tests aren't as accurate.

Has your thyroid doctor checked your adrenal function to see how your cortisol levels are doing? This is also important and keeping your Vit D up nice and high helps your cortisol levels too.

The problem is that there are thyroid receptor sites through the body and if your thyroid isn't functioning well, these sites will have issues eg: ovaries, stomach, liver etc etc. My issues is that my pancreas doesn't produce sufficient enzymes to digest protein so i'm on prescription digestive enzymes with each meal. I have now learnt that the pancreas is actually part of the endocrine system so no wonder it's not functioning well.

Most Hashimoto's sufferers are low in things and the digestive system and stomach are the areas affected. Until these improve you are looking at supplementing for a very long time. I've also found out that i'm blood type A and this type, from what i've read/been told, doesn't have sufficient stomach acid to digest protein effectively. Some disregard this theory, but in my case it seems to fit. Not sure how many others are blood type A.

Hope some of this helps with figuring out why you are low in things. Take care :)
Instead of giving up on feeling better, why don't you simply give up on your doctor.

First things first, ALWAYS get a copy of your lab report. NEVER accept a doctor giving you a verbal "all is fine". You now don't know where your levels are at??? So in that case nobody else can help you either. Call back the doctor and get a copy of your labs. It is your right.

Secondly, if your ferritin is low, a multivitamin a day will NOT get your levels up.

You have to start taking your health into your own hands, particularly now that you have a thyroid issue in amongst all your other issues. You can't afford to not address things like ferritin, Vit D and B12. If you are not getting the best care from your doctor then you should look for one which actually has an interest in helping you and not one who simply treats you as a number.

Your period issues might have nothing to do with your ferritin, but it does with your thyroid. It's most likely your homrones are not balanced. A lot of people with thyroid issues have hormone issues and a lot with hormone issues have undiagnosed thyroid problems. They are both symptoms of one another.

The fact your TSH is considered good doesn't mean a thing, but of course most doctors wont treat if a TSH is considered good. That's how i went 9 years without treatment, but had a whole host of other symptoms. Doctors ought to be looking at your T4 and T3 and those ought to be in the optimum range. Being at the lower end can still give off symptoms.

You need to see an endocrinologist and stress your symptoms. If one doctor doesn't care then you move onto another. Staying with a bad doctor is as bad as doing nothing.

Hoping you find a good doctor :)
Audrey, Thank you again for your reply. These tests were done by my Endo.

Test results again

B12 320 (211-911)
Ferritin 20 (11-307)
Vitamin D 25 L (40-100)

My FT4 and FT3 were also tested.

TSH 1.08 (.45-1.45)
FT4 .79 (.61-1.76) 15.65% of range
FT3 2.7 (2.3-4.2) 21.05% of range

I KNOW this is low but I can't seem to persuade anyone to take notice.

Also have menopausal FSH and Estradiol numbers (also have copies of that) but had a period in May (before that was November).

I DO have copies of ALL the test results. I will see my GP next week. I will try once more. The GP has done a lot of testing and each time some new crazy result comes but nothing is put together. (ie high calcium, high cholesterol, shortness of breath with exertion, heart palpitations, inappropriate sinus tachycardia, horrible hip pain.....)The GP sent me to this endo and they know each other. Changing one will mean changing both BUT I would be willing to do that if I could find someone to actually agree that these numbers are out of whack. I have seen my GP, an Endocrinologist, a Gastroenterologist, a Neurologist, an Otolaryngologist, a Cardiologist.......Each addresses the specific symptom for their specialty only!! I am just so frustrated because the "off results" are there in plain view but no one is taking the time to add things up!! I have tried but I am NOT the doctor! The problem is that I look good and when I enter the office the first thing they say is that I look good so I can't be sick!! Does someone have to let themselves fall apart just to get noticed? Sorry for ranting on but again, thanks for listening! Hoppy
hoppy--Audrey-B has very good advice for you! I hear the passion in her tone even!!!

I so understand what you are saying. Your B-12 is in fact too low, it should be higher from what I understand at least 400 and your ferritin should be 50-100 for minimal health that is all I'm saying here. Minimal.

Thyroid function plays a large part when it comes to these results for some of us. To get the doctors to agree, well, that is another story. Good luck with that because I haven't had that myself. But one can never give up!!! I have been where you are. Perhaps I still am. It's not easy. Nothing ever is, really. However, both of these things that I mention can easily be controlled by you most likely through supplements. Malabsorption is also a role in this when you have multiple deficiencies at play.

I recommend that you post your thyroid labs on the thyroid board for advice. That's too confusing to me, although, your TSH looks good to me. The others might be too low for optimal health. I think FT3 should be at the top of the range and FT4 should be at the top 1/3, if I remember correctly, so go ask the experts about that. I see you know something because you figured the % of the range already.

When all else fails, I have found that perhaps seeing a good Internist can help to put things together for you. I know people don't have a lot of luck with Endo's, but I think they are they one's that are ultimately trained in thyroid matters as close as you can get even IF diabetes is their specialty. It's just up to you. You do have to be responsible for your own health care. You can never stop looking and finding new doctors this is part of that process. I hope you get the answers that you are looking for soon. Keep us posted. FLFG:)

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