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That's typical of a GP. The good thing is that you can help yourself and get a proper iron supplement, one with a higher dosage and vitamin C for better absorption. As your ferritin isn't moving upwards fast at all, it's safe to take it for about 3 months and then ask for a retest.

You can also work on other areas which are low, eg: Vitamin D and B12

It doesn't hurt to also look for a decent doctor who is willing to work through things with you. I myself had no luck with normal doctors so i took what i'd learnt off the boards and found myself a Trichologist (hair/scalp specialist). I decided that sometimes you have to go left to go right. I was lucky i did this as he was better than any previous doctor i had gone to. He ended up knowing my current thyroid doctor too and referred me to him. Sometimes finding one good doctor, even if he/she doesn't specialise in your particular problem area, will lead onto another good doctor.

You can't give up, no matter how frustrating it gets. You can give yourself a small "break" from it all, but don't ever give up. Besides, once you begin supplement your iron with higher doses you will begin to feel better and better as your ferritin rises, even if only by small amounts.

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