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Hi hopalong too - i was just reading your post and one word stood out, "Hashimoto's".

With thyroid issues, not every single person will be affected in precisely the same way. It affects us individually with key symptoms, while a range of other symptoms we can share identically.

I too have Hashimoto's and my BIG problem is malabsorption of nutrients. I'm on iron supplements and likely will be for life. Once when my ferritin got up to 60 i eased off the iron supplements and began taking them 3 or 4 times per week. My iron ended up dropping. So now i take them religiously and even so it's an effort staying up high.

My Vit D was also very low and presently i'm on 10,000IU 5 days per week. I was on 5,000IU daily but my thyroid doctor has noticed that in winter i need a heap more.

Does your thyroid doctor monitor your ferritin, Vit D etc regularly? it ought to be monitored, including the other things you are low in eg: B12. Have they checked your iodine? My iodine levels were quite low so i've been on pure iodine daily too. The best iodine test your doctor can do is a urine iodine test as the basic blood tests aren't as accurate.

Has your thyroid doctor checked your adrenal function to see how your cortisol levels are doing? This is also important and keeping your Vit D up nice and high helps your cortisol levels too.

The problem is that there are thyroid receptor sites through the body and if your thyroid isn't functioning well, these sites will have issues eg: ovaries, stomach, liver etc etc. My issues is that my pancreas doesn't produce sufficient enzymes to digest protein so i'm on prescription digestive enzymes with each meal. I have now learnt that the pancreas is actually part of the endocrine system so no wonder it's not functioning well.

Most Hashimoto's sufferers are low in things and the digestive system and stomach are the areas affected. Until these improve you are looking at supplementing for a very long time. I've also found out that i'm blood type A and this type, from what i've read/been told, doesn't have sufficient stomach acid to digest protein effectively. Some disregard this theory, but in my case it seems to fit. Not sure how many others are blood type A.

Hope some of this helps with figuring out why you are low in things. Take care :)

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