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Instead of giving up on feeling better, why don't you simply give up on your doctor.

First things first, ALWAYS get a copy of your lab report. NEVER accept a doctor giving you a verbal "all is fine". You now don't know where your levels are at??? So in that case nobody else can help you either. Call back the doctor and get a copy of your labs. It is your right.

Secondly, if your ferritin is low, a multivitamin a day will NOT get your levels up.

You have to start taking your health into your own hands, particularly now that you have a thyroid issue in amongst all your other issues. You can't afford to not address things like ferritin, Vit D and B12. If you are not getting the best care from your doctor then you should look for one which actually has an interest in helping you and not one who simply treats you as a number.

Your period issues might have nothing to do with your ferritin, but it does with your thyroid. It's most likely your homrones are not balanced. A lot of people with thyroid issues have hormone issues and a lot with hormone issues have undiagnosed thyroid problems. They are both symptoms of one another.

The fact your TSH is considered good doesn't mean a thing, but of course most doctors wont treat if a TSH is considered good. That's how i went 9 years without treatment, but had a whole host of other symptoms. Doctors ought to be looking at your T4 and T3 and those ought to be in the optimum range. Being at the lower end can still give off symptoms.

You need to see an endocrinologist and stress your symptoms. If one doctor doesn't care then you move onto another. Staying with a bad doctor is as bad as doing nothing.

Hoping you find a good doctor :)

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