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Re: Feeling blah
Jul 29, 2009
hopalong, My B12 was high so that wasn't causing the anemia. My D is low and I'm taking 4,000iu a day and I'm going to get that checked in three months. I'm thinking my levels of everything will go up because as my intestines heal from being gluten free they will be able to absorb more nutrients. The test I had done was a celiac panel. It's a blood test. My doctor said that if it's positive, great we know I have celiac but if it's negative that could still mean I have celiacs. She explained why but it's too confusing for me to remember. The ultimate test for a positive diagnosis is a biopsy. If your doctor did a biopsy when you had your endoscopy and checked it for celiac that would have let you know. Celiac is an autoimmune disease and I have two others which are asthma and hashimoto's thyroiditis. It seems my body if prone to autoimmune problems and I wish I could figure out whats triggering them because I really don't want anymore. Things all started to go down health wise for me after my son's diagnosis with type 1 diabetes. He was only three and it was extremely stressful on me. It changed my whole life. I was stressed and scared all the time for him. I stopped doing things for myself like exercising and doing yoga and I put on a lot of weight. I think it was too much for my body and it has gone haywire. Now I'm trying to take more time out for myself and practicing relaxation techniques and hopefully that will stop any more health problems with me along with eating really good. I think anyone who isn't feeling well and the doctors are at a loss should have a celiac panel. From what I've read it can cause all sorts of problems. I've read of people being misdiagnosed for 20 years until one doctor finally figures out to check for celiac. In Europe the average time of diagnosis is a couple of weeks from when the person first starts to complain of not feeling well. I read that it's estimated that two million people are undiagnosed in the US. I've felt bad for three years and always told my doctors my symptoms in detail and they never figured it out. I did it on my own. We all need to be proactive. Good luck.


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