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Hi. Quick recap. IDA diagnosis in early Feb. Went on supplements, levels came back up into normal range in less than 3 mos. Went through the usual course of tests - colonoscopy, endoscopy, celiacs, pelvic US. Was put on bc pills for heavy periods (few small fibroids), which have gone down to nearly nothing in two packs. When I went for my scopes on June 10, I had to go off iron for 11 days as a prep. This coincided w/my period, such as it is. I felt fine afterwards, but now - 6 weeks later - I am having anemia symptoms - specifically hair loss, fatigue, back pain and minor reflux (I get none of these when I'm not anemic).

What could be causing this? I took some blackstrap molasses last night and this morning in addition to my supplements, but I am so concerned there is still something going on they haven't found. I did read that very low ferritin levels can cause your levels to drop after several months of supplementing because the bone marrow is claiming its due, but I only read this one place.

Has anyone else had setbacks with symptoms returning w/o blood loss?

The one test I haven't had yet is a kidney US which I've been putting off but I guess I better sked it.

I haven't been told I'd need to see a hemotologist. Hope that's not where this is headed....
newinnj--Have you been taking iron the whole time other than the 11 days for colonoscopy prep? You might want to try to have another CBC done to check your levels again if you can. I know until the ferritin goes up to a healthy level it can and often does drop depending on the demand for iron. If you have a malabsorption and are not taking in enough iron then it could begin to drop over time. Or just not taking in enough iron in the first place with low ferritin will pull from the ferritin. After the ferritin initially builds to low normal levels many times this can slow down because the ferritin storage is getting what it needs. Definately get any testing done that you can, it's worth it because this is your health and sometimes things can go undetected, at least you will know this is not a cause. I know if I was not taking iron, my numbers would slowly go down, and I would be back to square one, so I stay on iron daily. Take care. FLFG :)

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