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shynee32--Welcome to the boards!!! The ferritin is an iron storage protein, this is iron storage in the bone marrow and organs. When this number goes too low then the Hgb begins to drop with the end stage resulting in iron deficiency anemia. My ferritin was a 2 and the doctor told me that when this happens this low, that you begin to pull iron from your organs next, that's not good!!!! Ferritin should be at least 50 for minimal health and higher 70-100 for optimal health. The problem here is that many doctors won't even test the ferritin if you are not anemic. After you hit low normal range even many doctor's say that you are fine. A low ferritin can and often does present with symptoms, such as RLS, anxiety, hair loss and fatigue so that's the short story about ferritin and doctor's as many see it. Have you had this test? If not, be sure that you do.

You should also have a B-12 and folate check if you haven't already.

If you have a history of ulcer they may want to repeat scopes for you. They rely on medical history a lot. Especially since it's been ten years. Your best bet if it is not due to heavy periods is to see a GI doc to rule things out.

So, are you having heavy periods? This is usually the cause for iron deficiency. Next are malabsorption syndromes and there are many things that can cause this. Celiac is one of them that should be ruled out and they usually do this first with the blood test before biopsy. Take care and keep us posted. FLFG :)
Well, I called the nurse. And, I swear(and I've had this issue with this nurse before) that she said, the first time I talked to her on Thursday "Your red blood cells are small, and your iron and Ferritin is low".

No, what she said was that my red blood cells are small, and I am coming back in Wednesday to have my iron and Ferritin levels checked. I swear she never explained why I was coming back in next Wednesday the first time, otherwise I would've known they didn't check my levels yet.

Anyway, I did a little research and small blood cells can also indicate a B-12 deficiency, or a little known condition that Mediterranean people, Northern African People, and Asian People called Thalasemia. I have none of those ethnic backgrounds, so it's highly unlikely it's that.

I still think it is low Ferritin causing the small cells as I have a history of anemia.

Kind of ticks me off that I've had it so long and no doctor has really addressed it properly, because it shouldn't have gotten worse.

I hope it doesn't take too long to get the results back. It took a week this last time. And between you, me, and the man in the moon-aunt flo is due to make her visit soon and I can't imagine that is going to better my situation. :(

Wish me luck!

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