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Hi beth67 - yes a ferritin of 19 is still low, even if you aren't anemic. It's good your doctor actually has a target for you (to reach 100) as most doctors are fine for you to be "within range", even if you are at the bottom of the range.

I agree with you, i personally dont feel there is a need for hospital at this point. You are fortunate they discovered you are Celiac. Mostly i've heard you need to be off gluten for 6 months. Someone i know has just done her 6 months and she was anemic pretty much most of her life. Now, with iron supplements, her ferritin is 110.

18 mg 3 times per day isn't enough and you can easily go higher. Mine contains 325 mg dried ferrous sulfate. I'm taking Ferro-Grad C and i've been on this one for a year. I have a different problem to yours though and my iron levels aren't easily treatable, so i'm on iron daily for probably ever.

As you have Celiacs, it might be an idea to check things like Vitamin D and B12. Often if you aren't absorbing iron then there is a chance you can be low in these.

Best wishes with going gluten free, i know it's hard as i've tried it an remain "somewhat" gluten free, but not 100%. Keep us posted on how things go :)

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