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Re: New Lab Results
Aug 15, 2009
That's excellent news about your ferritin. I personally feel waiting 6 mths is a long time. I would think they'd do it at 3 months if they know your levels aren't rocketting upwards and then if you are a seriously slow mover then perhaps recheck at 6mths.

Did the doctor actually give you your own copy of your lab reports? particularly for your thyroid. The reason i ask is because if i had $1 for every person out there who was told their labs for thyroid were normal and yet they had mysterious symptoms which continued, i'd be a millionaire by now. I'm not trying to scare you, just a warning that majority of doctors are simply "lab 'range' watchers" or TSH watchers, meaning they only care about TSH and not the other thyroid tests. They don't notify you if your thyroid hormones are a little low or high, which can cause symptoms. This is how i went 9 years without medication and the thyroid board is full of people who keep or were kept being told their thyroid was normal.

So if you continue to have hair shedding and if your monthly cycles aren't right/too heavy etc then i'd be looking further into the thyroid situation. Too many people have thyroid, hormone imbalance, low ferritin/difficult to raise ferritin, low vitamin D and/or low B12, digestive issues, hair shedding etc etc. All this is interlinked.

So monitor how you go and if things don't right themselves then you should make sure your doctor does testing for TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Thyroid Antibodies.

Hoping all goes well with your ferritin :)

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