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Hello Friends,

I had my blood work done for the first time and I've been diagnosed with Iron Deficiency Anemia. I'm Male, 32 yrs of age & physically active. Also, I think I may have been iron deficient since a long time.

My 'Ferritin' & 'Iron % Saturation' is really low. However Hemoglobin & Hematocrit looks okay. Isn't it contradictory? I thought if I'm anemic, my Hemoglobin has to be low as well.

I had no blood loss ever, and diet is good enough to meet daily iron needs. So, my doc was also confused that why my iron is so low. He advised me to take iron supplements twice daily for now.

What do you guys recommend? Below are the relevant readings from my blood work report:

*** Iron & TIBC ***
Iron 41 ug/dL Out of Range (45-160)
UIBC 385 ug/dL Out of Range (110-370)
TIBC 426 ug/dL (228-428)
Iron % Saturation 10 % Out of Range (25-45)

*** Ferritin ***
Ferritin 7 ng/ml Out of Range (30-400)

*** CBC w/Diff ***
White Blood Count 5.6 k/ul (3.8-10.8)
Red Blood Count 6.01 m/ul Out of Range (4.20-5.76)
Hemoglobin 15.3 gm/dl (12.5-17.1)
Hematocrit 46 gm/dl (36-50)
MCV 77 fl Out of Range (78-96)
MCH 25 pg Out of Range (26-33)
MCHC 33 g/dl (32.20-35.60)
RDW 15.8 % (13.1-16.8)
Platelet Count 332 k/ul (150-400)
MPV 8 fl (7-12)

Let me know if this info is sufficient.


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