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Hello Everyone

I too am new to this board. I have been anemic since I was a child. Doctor use to say it was because I drank to much milk and the iron nutrients could not take to my system. Now Im 53 went for my yearly physical and my primary doc is telling me that my hemoglobin in 7.3 and iron is very low. He has me going for a colonoscopy and then I have an appointment to meet with a hematogoist. My pcp said that I may need a Iron Transfusion. This sounds pretty scarry. I have read some people who have had this done, that it is not very pleasant after the treatment. Has anyone here had it done? I read that they need a bag of benedryl with the iron and they feel beat up afterwards.
Needless to say I am scared. I have started taking Iron pills and feel an improvement in my energy level. I asked the doctor if I could wait until my next blood work with him to see if my levels have gone up with just the suppliments. He still wants me to go to the hematologist. Im thinking they may even want to do a endoscopy on me which Im not looking forward to either. If anyone can tell me if the endoscopy is not painful and if anyone as had a Iron Transfusion, How they did with this. Thank you so much. THis seem like a great support board.


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