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Many Thanks for such a detailed reply, Susie. I appreciate your effort. Also, I read some of the posts by FLFLOWERGIRL; she's doing great work as well.

My doc did not recommended me to go for colon-scopy or endoscopy. He asked to take the iron supplements twice daily & come back in 3 months. After that if my numbers did not improve, then he will recommend to go for colon-scopy or endoscopy. Not sure if he is doing the right thing, or should I insist to go for it now?
How serious could it be if there's a blood loss due to either of this? I also read something some colon-cancer, do I need to worry about that?

Also, reason why I said I may have been iron deficient since a long time is because of some of the symptoms I became aware of. I feel the same way (like little tired and all) since more than a decade. And I started loosing my hairs also about a decade back. I still have lots of hairs on my head, but the density is less, and its been same way since a long long time.

Another Question: When your Ferritin rose to 40 and Iron improved to 55, did u feel any real difference in the way you feel? I mean, did you started feeling more energetic & not fatigued, hair-regrowth etc.?

Thanks again!

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