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Checking in.....
Aug 21, 2009
Hi Ladies,
I hope you can remember me. I am checking in after a long time with my new labs. I had low everything after my TC surgery. I had parathyroid damage which resulted in low calcium, too.

My calcium is now finally in the range. The very lowest # of the range.....8.6 {8.6-10.4} Yea, I am in there!!

Had low iron, etc. Here are the new labs which still seem low, but of course the endo did not even mention them, I had to ask for them, but to be fair, I have an enlarged lymph node in my neck, which is what we "mostly" talked about ....eek. That has to be recked in 3 months...praying it is gone!!!

My iron saturation is 12 {15-20}
Iron binding capacity is 434 {220-400}
Ferritin is 18 {11-307} I DID have this up to 23 once....
Hgb is 13.8 {12.0-16.0}
RBC is 4.37 {4.20-5.40} is this # important?
Vit D was real low, but I have brought that up to 34 {25-70} was 21.
Vit B12 was 578. {180-900} isn't this a good #?

I "think" those are the important #'s and I am thrilled I am in range in some of them, the rest of the CBC was all normal.
I remember and know from reading on here, my ferritin, needs to be 70...............long way to go.
No one has ever recommended any long term follow up, probably because I always have a lymph node or other concern that is more pressing, but I want to work on these #'s and feel........WELL!!!
I do see the PA at the endo office in 3 months for a lymph node reck and ultrasound, etc. and she is the one who initially told me to take iron, not the endo, but I did stop after a while, becasue all the calcium, LevoT, etc. I couldn't continue taking ALL of them....not enough hours in the day, honestly.

So, my plan is to take 1 iron per day unti I see her. I HOPE that it helps.
Any words of wisdom? You ladies were so helpful to me last time, and I did learn so much from all of you. I sincerely thank you so very much for reading this and all of your help.

I haven't really focused on all of the blood work because there are other issues, but any help you can give, I appreciate it!!
Take care,

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