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Lori123--Hello to you! :wave:

Yes, of course I remember you! I even see you (I lurk you know) on the Thyroid board so I do keep up with you, from time to time. Do you see how these boards work? I love them!

So, I remember things about you anyway, I don't forget people here ever. I just haven't been on for a while because I have not been very well myself, so therefore cannot give to others, but I'm here now for you. I couldn't miss your post that's how much I remember you!

So, as far as your iron goes you are not so great I hate to say. Everything in time. However, you have to take it!!!! And in your case for a long time to build your ferritin. You have other issues and the low ferritin can cause other problems for you. Your Sat% is way low so your numbers will be related to that. Your Hgb is pretty darn good. But the Ferritin must come up.

I understand what you are saying about the doctor not saying anything about iron numbers; this is how they work from my experience. They will only address the ~BIG~ issue at hand and that's the way it goes. You actually have to go again for what you are concerned about. Another co-pay if you know what I mean, LOL. That is the way things go. Also, if you have a normal range Hgb many doctors with not address anything beyond this point. Your ferritin although would be low, should be within a normal range, so they will not be concerned to even [U]test in many cases [/U]unless there is a history of anemia. And even then, unfortunately, it doesn't always happen.

I remember I think I was helping with your schedule of meds a long time ago and know your complications with calcium and iron and all that jazz. But please fit it in but don't stop shy of a higher level. You need this.

I won't address the other things but I am sure that Audrey-B (or someone else) will do this for you, she is very good at those and I have no experience with that thank [B]goodness for something[/B]! Your B-12 is looking fairly well too, as you probably already know you want it at the very top of the charts. I understand that you have come far so you are doing a great job and there is much to be said to be on those darn charts too! Sometimes, it's hard to even get there so I know what you are saying and I am happy for you.

Hope you will get the enlarged lymph node worked out soon. This is quite common and I pray too for you that it will resolve itself. :angel: I will keep my fingers crossed for you. It is always something. Keeping us on our toes. Such is LIFE!

I know your focus was on other things but let me tell you that your blood is equally important. It is my belief that many things can result from living long term with a low ferritin. Things you don't want so please take that seriously more so than the doctors do. Those are my words of wisdom for you as you asked, for what they are worth to you. There is no co-pay here (LOL) for you today. Just words of encouragement to be well. Take care and do keep us posted on your results. FLFG:)

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