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Re: Lab results
Aug 23, 2009
divinnie70--Welcome to the boards! :wave:

I can understand your concern regarding your labs out of range. This is quite common is the presence of (IDA) iron deficiency anemia. It depends on how longstanding the anemia is also. When this happened to me and everything was out of range it was scary reading those labs because everything does change. I have given you examples below:


[B]WBC[/B]-WBC, are [B]usually[/B] normal.

[U]This is not always the case[/U]. So I would not be too alarmed unless your count is way out. Otherwise, these things tend to change all the time we just don't notice them because we are not having regular blood testing to know the difference. Many times these go back to normal ranges when retested unless there is a definite abnormality. Personally for me my WBC count went high during my anemia, while others can be low. So, this is my experience.

[B][B]RBC[/B][/B] (May be decreased) < or N
[B]Hgb[/B] <
[B]MCV[/B] <
[B]MCH[/B] <
[B]Platelets[/B] >

[B]Serum Iron[/B] <
[B]UIBC[/B] >
[B]TIBC[/B] >
[B]% Sat[/B] <


Hope this helps a little. If you are still having concerns you might want to consult your doctor to put your mind at ease. Take care. FLFG:)

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