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Wow where to start... around January this year I went to my GP after months and months of feeling dizzy, faint, low on energy and having had numerous stomach problems such as sharp pains in my right side and needing the toilet 4/5 times a day. The first two doctors sent me away and told me I was training too hard at the gym... go figure??? But the third doctor took a full blood count and said that my iron was very low.

Between the time I saw the first and third doctor I noticed blood on my stool and decided to ask about this. The doctor ordered an endoscophy and found nothing worth mentioned, just some 'very small' hemoroids. I have been on iron now for around 4 months and my latest blood count had my ferriten level at 47.

My stomach problems have almost disapeared, however I have been getting really bad stomach acid, like I am sick in my mouth about 5 times after each meal and after drinking any kind of tea or coffee. Also around May I found a lump in my chest which I personally think is a lymph node but the doctor said he isn't so sure. It is about the size of two pills put together 4.5cm by just under 1cm) and is about 4cm from the centre of my chest.

My doctor said to keep taking iron but I am nervous as when I typed in 'lumps chest' and 'iron defficientcy' coupled with my stomach aches I found quite a few worrying diseases that it could be.

Does anyone have any advice? I've seen 4 doctors now who are all reluctant to do much for me other than play wait and see because of my age 22 they doubt it is anything serious :(

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