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hi again k

I was a complete nervous wreck...I had severe anxiety,parathesis(pins'n needles feeling in my hands/feet and even before a bowel movement I'd get tingling everywhere.I was dizzy,off-balance,had a sore tongue,tired consistently,night terrors,trouble breathing,cold hands/feet,intolerance to cold/heat,paranoia,depression,trouble walking,fluid retention,abnormal heartbeat,cramping in hands/feet,memory fog,numbness(yes I Always woke up with numb hands)and I had muscle twitching in my hands,ankles & feet(this specific sx went away when my Ferritin level went up...the B12 helps improve ferritin I was told) legs & arms were terribly weak,I'd get burning,deep pains in my shins and feet off & on.

How much B12 are you taking?The sub`lingual will help,but if you have any nerve damage you really need the B12 in injection form.To get your ferritin up you should ask a pharmacist to recommend which iron tablet would be good and easy on your stomach...that should make a Huge difference in you feeling better,okay?

have a good night~talk soon~Scout

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