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hi again k

I was a complete nervous wreck...I had severe anxiety,parathesis(pins'n needles feeling in my hands/feet and even before a bowel movement I'd get tingling everywhere.I was dizzy,off-balance,had a sore tongue,tired consistently,night terrors,trouble breathing,cold hands/feet,intolerance to cold/heat,paranoia,depression,trouble walking,fluid retention,abnormal heartbeat,cramping in hands/feet,memory fog,numbness(yes I Always woke up with numb hands)and I had muscle twitching in my hands,ankles & feet(this specific sx went away when my Ferritin level went up...the B12 helps improve ferritin I was told) legs & arms were terribly weak,I'd get burning,deep pains in my shins and feet off & on.

How much B12 are you taking?The sub`lingual will help,but if you have any nerve damage you really need the B12 in injection form.To get your ferritin up you should ask a pharmacist to recommend which iron tablet would be good and easy on your stomach...that should make a Huge difference in you feeling better,okay?

have a good night~talk soon~Scout
OMG....that is so interesting about your reaction. I swear I am not able to get another shot due to the way I felt. I never had a reaction before and I assumds it was a panic attack. Maybe not. The cyanide thing freaks me out too. lol. I have been dealing with this for 2 years. H. pylori is a bug that causes ulcers and malabsrption which lead to my low vitamin and minerals. I re-tested negative for it after 6 weeks of antibiotics. It was bad. I also had severe twitching all over, losing my hair terrible, and stomach pains.

My Dr sent me to a rheumy because I was having really bad joint pain. Weird. I also am perimenopausal. I am 40. I thought hormones.I never saw a hematologist but wish I did. Internal Dr. think if you are low normal you are fine and do not really need b12 or iron. My ferritin still low 27 and she said i do not need anymore iron tabs. I guess she is wrong. What did your hematoloist think your b12 and ferritin levels should be?

Were you anemic? I never got there. So great to talk with someone who has been through similar things. Did you ever grab something heavy and have a vein pop? It happened in my thumb and it hurt really bad. It really scared me. I guess also common with low b12.

Take care and talk soon.

I remember my hematologist saying that a healthy B12 level should be above 450...we never discused ferritin...and I don't know what mine was at that time.My ferritin was 11 in sept.'05.....but my MD said I was "fine"...yeah right.When I had my feritin checked last year it was I think 42 and I was still having sever muscle twitching....the twitches stopped in Jan.this year and I had my ferritin checked just over a week ago and it was 92......I read on another post here that this girl's hematologist said a healthy ferritin should be at least 80.....that sound like a very good dr. to say that!

Yes I had lots of problems with my fingers would feel like something pinched them and they'd hurt so bad if I held things too tightly.I'd see the vein bulging...gues that is what you described?

My B12 was 274 when I first started the shots and the dr. would check it right before my next shot...the one time it went up to 585 and she said I didn't need the in a month she checked it and it was back down to 374 and she said I need the shot again.So I guess if you drop down then it means your using up the B12 that's stored in your liver.This last time my B12 was 541 and my dr. said I still need the shot,but I told him how it made me feellast time and that I didn't want the shots...he said he'll check my B12 level in a month and a half and see where it's at....I don't want those shots anymore....not after last time....that was scary.

Can you go to a hematologist?They have some really nice,compassionate ones,but then again I've heard about some ignorant ones.....but your ferritin is on the low end so maybe the dr. would want you to get that level increased.Iron tabs are hard on the stomach,but there are brands that are easier to digest.

Anyways at least your getting the B12 it the sub-lingual kind you take?They say that is better than the pills.

I know I had a lot of anxiety when my B12 was low end normal.This other poster told me that her dr. said they're thinking of changing the lab range of B12 from starting at 200 to 600 instead.My lab report says normal is 211-911......well that'd sure help a lot of people.

Have a peaceful,good night~


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