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Hello everyone,
I have been followed by my PCP in WA and a different PCP while I was in eating disorder treatment, and NOW have a different PCP in AZ following my care, so I feel a little lost on what should be done with my anemia. I feel very cold at times, my toe nails look like they are a bluish/pale, and I have had a fast heart rate at times and have felt short of breath, and of course very tired all time time, and have had restless leg feeling at night and towards the end of the day making it uncomfortable to sleep..ugh!

Originally my labs were on 5/7:
Ferritin 8 (10-180)
serum iron 20 (40-155)
Transferrin saturation, direct 5 (10-45%), transferrin, TIBC normal
Hemoglobin 11.1, Hct: 35%, RBC: 4.03, MCHC 32.1 a little low; MCV, MCH normal, RDW has been 15.2 elevated
platelets have been elevated at 403 (150-400)
Folate 6.2 (greater than 5.2 normal)
B12 474 (180-914), Vitamin D level: 16.9 (20.1-50.0), TSH was 2.84 in March so my Levothyroxine was increased from 150 mcg to 175 mcg/day

SO, long story short, I was placed on Ferrous Sulfate first slow release uped to reg strength 325 mg tabs: 1 tablet twice a day since 5/28, and it is now 8/30, and my labs in July showed my iron level only going up to 24, and they had put me briefly down to once a day in June because my H and H looked "good", so then back up to twice a day

Now in Aug 13th, my labs were:
RBC: 4.22 (4.3-5.4)
HGB: 12.0 (11.5-15.0)
HCT: 36.8 (35.0-48.0)
RDW 15.0 (11.5-14.5)
PLT 450 (130-450)
Iron Serum now 39 (35-155)
all other normal, except my vit D still low at 20.8 (32.0-100), B12 is 442 (211-911), and my TSH was 1.9 (0.3-3.0), Free T3 1.3 (1.45-3.48), and Free T4 0.8 (0.71-1.85) so I am asking my doc about needing a T3 drug for my thyroid, and she increased my Vit D to 4,000 I. U. every day.

But my main question is she kept me on the Ferrous Sulfate tabs of 325 mg PO twice a day, and she said I would just need to be on it for 6-12 months, and she hadnt checked my ferritin level or any other other iron related levels, and I am wondering if I need intramuscular or IV infusion to get rid of some of my symptoms quicker, because I am miserable, or just wait it out?!?! I have to go back to work and I am exhausted. I feel like maybe the anemia is affecting my thyroid and other things also. Does anyone know also if I need anything for my RBC being low? The reason I have the Anemia is from restricting my food intake a lot from Dec 08 to June 09 and purging, hence needing to go into eating disorder treatment.

I am just desperate for some help; I know this is long, and I am copying and pasting the results I typed out for when I see my doctor again next, but my co-pays are so expensive I can't go often, so would love some advice.


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