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Thanks ladies and pbahm,

I guess I have always been rather impatient at times, so I need to give things a PCP is having me go see a hematologist, because she isnt comfortable with following my IDA with all the other issues I have been having, so we'll see. I realize the iron shots/infusions are really dangerous, so I don't know if that's such a good idea like you said.....I had just been having a lot of diarrhea so she is having me stop the oral iron until I see the hematologist, to see if it could be contributing to the severity of my diarrhea (I do have IBS), but it has been really bad since the iron, though I know most people get constipation and not diarrhea......anyways, I checked with Flora on the Floradix and they said I would have to take 40 ml of the liquid iron supplement and not sure on how many of the pills to equal 2 of the 325 mg tablets a day I am still taking....that is kind of a lot....seeing that I can't stand liquid medicine, so I don't know.

I also checked with my PCP and she upped my Levothyroxine to 200 mcg tablet/day, but didn't add any cytomel, because she said that would just make me anxious since I have generalized anxiety disorder, so I asked her about the armour thyroid, since I used to be on it, and she said they are phasing armour out, so not really prescribing it anymore, so I just went with the up in Levothyroxine, mainly because I can't afford another co-pay to see a endocrinologist also....too many specialists! I know they have the compunded type T3 meds, but I imagine that would need to be from an co-pays for specialists are $50 a visit...ugh!

Well, thanks for the assistance, and I am going to see how the hematologist visit goes on the 10th of Sep, and I have labs for my thyroid again in 8 weeks I think....

thanks again,

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