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My ferritin has tested at 30 (range 10-291). My hemoglobin and hemocrit are both midrange normal.

I am hypothyroid and those people say ferritin should be 70-90 and I should take supplements.

Suggested is 150-200 mg elemental iron. I found a supplement called hema plex that has 85 mg elemental iron.

I am nervous about taking iron but on the other hand I am very tired all the time for about 3-4 weeks now.

Is it safe to take 150-200 mg elemental iron and only have low ferritin but normal hemoglobin/hemocrit??? So can I take 2 of the hema plex a day safely???

As far as overload what should look for in symptoms???
Dear JBMayer;

Each person is different; however, every doctor and/or other references Iíve seen state that your ferritin should always be above 50. An ďoptimal rangeĒ given is 50 Ė 150. The wide range given on the test is to detect a major problem. My ferritin was 2 at one point. If itís too high (400); thatís bad too. Balance is key. Low ferritin will definitely make you tired; no, make that T-I-R-E-D! My doctor wants me to take over 300 mg. of iron a day. I donít suggest it to anyone as it makes you constipated, nauseated, and eventually gives varicose veins from the constipation.

I am looking at two products which I have called Hema-plex (Hemaplex). One is from Natureís Plus with 85 mg. iron; the other one from Progressive Laboratories, Inc. has 32 mg. iron. I assume you have the former. Both products are good; both were constipating for me. However, I liked the Progressive Lab product better. Possibly because at the lower dosage, I could take it throughout the day instead of all at once which eased the constipation.

From years of taking iron; I will tell you what keeps my ferritin above 15 (which is great for me.) The only time it was higher was when I took iron shots. However, the patent ran out and I had terrible reactions to the new shot and am unable to take it.

The best product I have found so far is a liquid made by Floradix, called Floradix Iron + Herbs. It doesnít have much in it (10 mg.). But twice a day keeps my ferritin up and rising. I also do three other things. Take Floradix Gallexier Herbal Bitters just before my meals to make sure that I am digesting my food, have Orange Juice when I eat eggs, and eat range-free, grass fed meat at least three times a week. The acid in the orange juice/herbal bitters helps absorb iron.

I just couldnít take the tablets/constipation anymore. This works for me. Two days ago discovered a product by Cardiovascular Research Ltd. called Ferritin. It has 5 mg. Iron (from equine ferritin and as aspartate). Am taking one in the morning (all iron products on empty stomach) with an additional 500 mg. ascorbic acid hoping to up my ferritin faster without the constipation.

Please donít let the concern of taking iron stop you from raising your ferritin. There is nothing good about low ferritin. You can always stop taking a product instantly. It is not that easy raising your ferritin.

Hopefully, this has helped you. ALWAYS listen to YOUR body. Itís yours and nobody knows it better than you. You may think the doctors know more; but they donít know more about you than you do. You can always learn what they know; but theyíre never going to be living inside your body and know what really is going on with you. Communication is key; but not perfect. Insist on what you know is right; you have to live with the outcome; not your doctor.

Really want to know how you do; actually joined my first forum ever just to send you this info I wished someone had told me years and years ago.

All the best.

PS It seems that low ferritin goes with hypothyroid; but thatís another story.

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