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Sep 1, 2009
Hey everyone,

Well, I just say my GP this afternoon because I was concerned that when she checked my labs when she took me on as a patient when I moved to AZ just recently that she didn't check a ferritin and that my levels hadn't gone up that much, though not that low I guess to begin with, though the biggest thing is that I am having diarrhea 4-5 times/day, sometimes more...have had for awhile since I have IBS, but I wonder if the iron is making it worse (though my GP swears can ONLY cause constipation???), and/or I worry that the iron is going straight through me, though it has gone up a little...its just I have the restless leg feeling towards the evening and at night that is driving me nuts, and I wonder if I need the iron IV or IM (though I know that sucks) to bring up the ferritin level, and get me off the oral stuff quicker, since it has been 3 months now? I just don't know if I should not be worried about it and that everything's ok, and just stay where I am at???

So anyways, I dont know if I should try some high dose vitamin C, and/or what????? I am tired of the diarrhea and nausea (have that too)...I am already taking Fiber one cereal and benefiber to thicken up stools per GI doc and only helping a little.

Originally my labs were on 5/7:
Ferritin 8 (10-180)
serum iron 20 (40-155)
Transferrin saturation, direct 5 (10-45%), transferrin, TIBC normal
Hemoglobin 11.1, Hct: 35%, RBC: 4.03, MCHC 32.1 a little low; MCV, MCH normal, RDW 15.2 elevated
platelets elevated at 403 (150-400)
Folate 6.2 (greater than 5.2 normal)
B12 474 (180-914), Vitamin D level: 16.9 (20.1-50.0), TSH was 2.84 in March so my Levothyroxine was increased from 150 mcg to 175 mcg/day

SO, long story short, I was placed on Ferrous Sulfate first slow release uped to reg strength 325 mg tabs: 1 tablet twice a day since 5/28, and it is now 8/30, and my labs in July showed my iron level only going up to 24, and they had put me briefly down to once a day in June because my H and H looked "good", so then back up to twice a day

Now in Aug 13th, my labs were:
RBC: 4.22 (4.3-5.4)
HGB: 12.0 (11.5-15.0)
HCT: 36.8 (35.0-48.0)
RDW 15.0 (11.5-14.5)
PLT 450 (130-450)
Iron Serum now 39 (35-155)
all other normal, except my vit D still low at 20.8 (32.0-100), B12 is 442 (211-911), and my TSH was 1.9 (0.3-3.0), Free T3 1.3 (1.45-3.48), and Free T4 0.8 (0.71-1.85), doc increased my Levothyroxine to 200 mcg/day and increased my Vit D to 4,000 I. U. every day, but kept my iron the same.

Would appreciate anyones imput...frustrated!!:eek:

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