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Possible anemia?
Sep 1, 2009
So I've been really run down lately. Headaches, ears ringing, jaw pain. I figured it was allergies or sinus issues. Well, now I've noticed a few bruises on me. The kind where you go "hmmm, I don't remember bumping into anything there!" I have a few on my legs, and one on my arm. I also have noticed my legs "falling asleep" more easily at night in bed. So, of course I've been googling like crazy. I had a baby via c-section 14 weeks ago. I was not anemic during my pregnancy, but thought maybe I could be because I'm breastfeeding? It would make sense that I need extra iron for the baby right?
Well, now I found another forum where people were posting about their anemia symptoms and someone said they developed anemia from taking lots of Motrin after having surgery. Guess what I lived off of for weeks after my c section. Yup. Motrin. I took that because I didn't want to take a narcotic that they prescribed me. I think it was percocet. So I took the Motrin instead. But I was taking a pretty constant dose of it. I haven't been taking it regularly for about 7 weeks now, but I have been taking it off and on for regular aches and pains.
Oh, and I also have been experiencing heart palpitations, which I HAVE experienced all my life, and experienced more during my pregnancy because I wasn't drinking enough water, and was drinking too much caffeine so I ended up dehydrated. I only have one or two caffeinated beverages a week, and everything is either non-caffeinated soda, either diet or regular and TONS of water. So I couldn't figure out why they were still happening every now and then. Is this piecing together to sound like I could be anemic????
I took a prenatal vitamin tonight to see if that helps make me feel any better, but in the meantime, any advice?

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