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I had an emergency appendectomy about 2 months ago (appendix ruptured) and was slightly anemic before and after the surgery. I couldn't look into it then because I was out of the country, but now that I'm back my primary physician retested me and I am no longer anemic, but my ferritin level is 9.

My current levels are
RBC 4.72
Hemoglobin 13.2
Hematocrit 38
MCV 81
MCH 28

Between then and now, my platelets increased from 192 to 376 and my cholesterol increased from 105 to 193. (is any of that related?) My iron level post surgery was 6 mg/dl and now it is 86 ug/dl (prior to taking iron supplements)

Now that I'm familiar with them, I have been experiencing symptoms of low ferritin/anemia such as fatigue, mild hair loss, increase muscle cramps, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, etc... I guess at this point, I'm not sure how to proceed. I began taking slow fe last week (2x/day for 1 month and then down to 1x/day as per my doctor) but I've noticed that there are some pretty knowledgeable people on this board so I wanted to ask your opinion -- do I need to ask my physician to do some more testing to find out the cause of the low ferritin or should I chalk it up to menstrual bleeding?

Thanks so much!

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