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Hi So Cold,

I know *exactly* how you feel. I have been suffering from exhaustion and anxiety for a few years now. I have severe claustraphobia and have gone through periods of agoraphobia too. The doc just put me on antidepresants.

I suspected that I might be anemic but 2 doctors told me that, no I couldn't possibly be (without doing blood tests- one pulled my eyelids down because apparently if they're pink you're fine, one just asked if I ate eggs- yes- "well, you'll be fine then") I wish now that I had insisted on blood tests, made more of a fuss, but then- who was I to question the doctors, a quite little girl of 20? I just accepted the fact that I was clearly crazy.

Anyway... I started to feel so awful that I was certain there was something wrong. I decided it must be my restless legs syndrome disturbing my sleep, so went to the doctors. She didn't believe my RLS story (although I am still certain that I have it, esp. since I have low ferritin) but ordered some blood tests.

And guess what, I was diagnosed with iron defieciency anemia. I have been taking iron tablets and changed my diet for about a month now. Tbh I don't feel any better yet. But I'm hoping that I will... soon. I can't live the rest of my life in this anxious, exausted coma!

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