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Anemia woes
Sep 8, 2009
After several hospitalizations, my mom was sent home on hospice in Spring, 2008. Hospice was stopped, and we started getting lab work done again. On Prevacid, my mom's hemoglobin was 8. Last August the primary doctor switched her to Zegerid, and her hemoglobin was high 8-9 by September. Since March of this year, it's been in the 10's (at least 10.0 but not more than 10.9). She was sent home from the hospital on Iron Sulfate 65 mg 3x/day. She also gets Vitamin C 500 mg 3X/day. The last CBC done before she was first hospitalized (which was two years ago), her hemoglobin was 13.8 (and this level was from about three years ago). Anemia had never been a problem for my mom, and her doctors don't have a reason for why it's a problem now.

Things I've tried to raise up the hemoglobin (in addition to ferrous sulfate):

ferrous glyc-something (instead of ferrous sulfate)
folic acid
beef liver

The phlebotomist comes every three weeks for a CBC. We started the Proferrin on the day the phlebotomist came, and my mom got one pill 3X/day for one month, with absolutely no change in the next results. Maybe give the Proferrin another try, for more than one month? With the liver, she's getting about an ounce a day, cooked and pureed with yogurt, and put through her feeding tube. Her hemoglobin went from 10.3 to 10.9 (yay!) to 10.1. Labs are due next week, and an iron studies will be included.

My mom's on Zegerid for a peptic ulcer, but I just found out that an acid blocker will prevent iron supplements from being absorbed. Vitamin C helps increase absorption, but that's in addition to the stomach acid already present, right? Her doctors are aware that she's anemic and on both iron and an acid blocker, but have never said this is contradictory. Anyone else have anemia and an ulcer? How are you handling your meds?

Maybe I'm just frustrated that it's taking about six months for the hemoglobin to move up one teensy notch. Mom's had no surgeries or injuries/bruising that could account for a low hemoglobin. Hemotests have been consistantly negative. I'm tired of her being so tired!!

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