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[QUOTE=Audrey-B;4084052]Your ferritin is low and your B12 is low. You need sufficient B12 to help absorb folate.

By some over the counter sublingual B12's which you dissolved in your mouth and it's absorbed much quicker via the saliva.

Does your ID "thyrogirl" have anything to do with thyroids if you don't mind me asking?

I ask because a lot of people with thyroid issues, if they are either undiagnosed or not getting the right treatment can find it difficult to conceive as all your hormones can be messed up with ovulation problems too.

I went 9 years being told i didn't have a thyroid problem when in fact i did the entire time. I couldn't conceive and nothing was wrong with either myself or my husband. My ferritin was dropping lower and lower and nobody checked my B12 or my Vitamin D and i was told my hormones were fine when in fact they weren't due to my now redundant doctor not telling me when to do the tests. All hormone testing must be done in the morning between 8am and 10am, but preferably closer to 8am. I was having mine done in the afternoon after work.

So yes, you definitely need to raise you ferritin, which even though it's within range, isn't sufficiently high, regardless of trying to have a baby or not. Raise your B12's and your folate will improve which is paramount when attempting to have a baby. If all these things are low, i'd say your Vitamin D is at the low end too. All these things need to be up at the higher end of the lab range, not low or middle.

If you do have a thyroid problem, are you getting the best care possible, does your doctor check both your Free T4 and Free T3 to see if your med's need changing. Have you ever been checked for Thyroid Antibodies to see if you have a thyroid autoimmune disease, which is more common than people realise.

If you don't have a thyroid problem, taking into consideration all your issues, then ask to have these tested: TSH, Free T3, Free T4 and Thyroid Antibodies.

Lastly have you ever had a gluten intolerance test? This is often another reason why so many can't raise their ferritin or have to stay on iron for life. it's a basic blood test.

I wish you all the very best and hoping you have great news in the baby department and even better if it's not IVF. I only had uncaring and uneducated doctors and spent 10 years believing them and wasted so many good years when i should have gone on the net much sooner. All they wanted to do was push me towards IVF when i knew all along there had to be a problem, but when you have so many "experts" telling you that you are fine, you believe them.

Best wishes and do come back and let us know how you get on :)[/QUOTE]

Hi Audrey,

Thank you for all your information and being helpful.

Yes, I have hypothyroidism. I am treated with Synthroid. She keeps my TSH at 1 and we keep track of FT4, FT3 (ideal ranges), and anti-TPO antibodies. I tested negative for, I'm in good shape thyroid wise now.

I have started taking ferrous gluconate and I do take several multivitamins.

Oh, someone asked about celiac testing. I had the my TTG tested and they tested negative.

Thanks for all the help. I feel a lot better about things now that I'm taking the iron supplements.

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