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As you know, being vegan can be a little harder in maintaining ferritin levels. Have you explored the full option of protein foods available? Sometimes we've had vegans on here who thought it was ok to just live off salads and fruit. It's important to utilise as many of the vegan type protein foods out there especially if you have cut out all dairy and eggs too.

One thing a couple of people said helped them and i tried it for a few weeks and my iron levels did go up, but i don't know if it was pure coincidence or not. Have you tried black strap molasses? It's got a strong licorice type taste. Some people put it in tea/coffee/milk as a sweetener instead of sugar, but it's best just eaten off the spoon as heat can destroy the vitamins in it. It's very high in iron and B group vitamins, which you are also likely lacking in. Has your doctor checked your B12 levels as well as your Vitamin D levels. Being low in these can also leave you feeling not too good.

Buckwheat is a good source of iron too. It's a nice alternative to pasta/rice/potatoes.

Check the iron you are taking to see what the dosage is. Some are too low a dosage to make much of a difference. Also when ferritin is low it can take time for it to climb up, especially if there are other complications like digestive issues, thyroid problems and gluten intolerance. You should get checked out for all of these.

Good luck :)

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