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Hi Sassycj and welcome to the boards :) From your list of results i'd say your vitamin D is very low, but you didn't add the lab range, but even so you are likely low and would need to supplement.

Your ferritin is very low so you most definitely need to supplement with iron. Make sure it has vitamin C in it or you are taking it in addition to better help absorb the iron.

You say you have high antibodies, that's not a good sign and the fact a number of your family have Hashimoto's i'd say you would have it now, but without knowing your lab range/figures it's not easy to tell.

I'm ALWAYS wary when it says that the thyroid test is "normal" or "within range". That's how i went untreated for 9 years and had hashimoto's the entire time. I felt awful, my menstrual cycles went crazy and i began shedding abnormal amounts of hair. My ferritin and Vitamin D all nose dived. It's taken me a bit over 3 years now to get my ferritin from 8 to 89 and i can't miss a day of iron supplement. These are all common with thyroid issues, especially auto immune thyroid diseases such as Hashimoto's and Graves.

Digestive issues are also a problem for thyroid related issues, that's most likely why we are low in a lot of vitamins/minerals. In my case my doctor ran a stool test which showed that i dont digest protein very well due to having insufficient pancreatic enzymes. I'm now on a prescription digestive enzyme and i dont suffer the severe bloating i used to suffer from after lunch/dinner.

I also had the gluten intolerance test and mine came back negative, but these tests can often come back as false positives/negatives. A lady i know has no symptoms for gluten intolerance and she had a bowel biopsy and there is evidence of damage there. So goes to show you can't always rely on simply the blood test alone.

When you see your doctor, he/she needs to take this all seriously as delayed med's can make for future bigger problems as in my case. Please get a copy of ALL your lab results to keep at home. This is very handy incase you need to change doctors too as some doctors dont take thyroid issues seriously, especially all the other symptoms you may have along the way which they feel dont related to the thyroid itself.

You will find lots more handy information on the thyroid board. Good luck :)

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