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It could be your B12 level- have they ever tested that?When my B12 was low, I was breathless when talking.
[QUOTE=sue1234;4086418]I am not diagnosed anemic, but have ALL the symptoms: short of breath on moving and talking consistently longer than about 10 minutes, palpitations, fatigue, etc. Last CBC looked ok, so probably don't have anemia, but haven't checked ferritin in a few years. I tried to get an appt. with a hematologist, but they wanted a referral from a pcp.
I would like to add that I feel my nails are pale, but there are no pictures on the internet to actually compare them to! I wish they had pictures of pale nails and eyes, for reference.[/QUOTE]

I thought i was the only one who ran out of breath talking , i love to talk but lately i find myself not talking , i tend to get all exceited when i talk and the otherday i was talking to my cousin and i was like and then we went here and we there and we did this an i found myself slowling down and mid sentence i had to sit cause i was starting to black out and i had to stop and st on the floor and catch my breath and then continue the conversation . but all the dr's tell me im normal , so i don't know , its a horrible thing though to g o from talking all the time to now i get nervous to talk for fear of passing out , , hopefully u get better ,
You said your weight is 36? To add to this thread I too can get breathless talking and part of it may be a little overly excited or passionate about the subject ,,does anyone get out of breath bending down to tie shoes or pick up something? Plus the pressure is almost too much, and I get out of breath at times simply walking a few steps. Asthma does run in the family so that doesnt help. I hate feeling like I would rather just lay around than do chores or play withthe animals, I feel lazy but I know part of it is the lack of energy and that than creates depression..also having back issues causingpain slows me down, and broken limbs from the past.
when I was a teenager I was strong and could run like the wind and climb high and lift heavy objects but today I feel total opposite of that gal. I can only revisit that feeling in my dreams. A lot of my injurys are from work and that is one area we bust our butts literally and hurt our bodys forever like our backs.
We need to take better care and employers need to stop the slave grind for peanuts. by the way I am not that old and have felt like crud for many years, what will happen at 68 or so?

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