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I have similar results. If you don't mind my asking, what are your MCV, HCT, HGB and MPV?

It would be worth your while to try to get the doc to test your serum b12, MMA, homocysteine and RBC folate just to be sure to rule out nutritional deficiency. Would also want to look at your peripheral blood smear for signs of polynuclear WBCs. These would address the issue of whether you had a megaloblastic anemia like pernicious anemia. Even absent positive findings on these tests, he could try you on a few months of B12 shots to see if you respond. Sometimes the deficiency is hidden and will only be revealed by a response to the shots.

Other questions prior to biopsy would include whether you drink alcohol much (it can suppress the marrow) or are taking any other drugs know to do so. If not, then your symptoms are potentially consistent with myelodysplastic syndrome, and the erythroid form in particular, known as refractory anemia, which is a histologic diagnosis (i.e., requires a biopsy).

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