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No doctor really cared about mine as my ferritin dropped and dropped. A few years later one doctor did suggest iron supplements when i dropped to 8 and when i said i was tired all the time she did order a thyroid test, but unfortunately it was only a TSH and not the entire thyroid panel.

A couple years later i got fed up and went to a Trichologist for my hair shedding and he was the one who helped me bring up my ferritin levels much higher and he was also the one who did lots of other tests and found out i was low in other areas eg: vitamin D, hormonal imbalance and also that i did have an auto immune thyroid disease called Hashimoto's and had had since at least 1999.

Since then, with the help of a good thyroid doctor, i've found out that it's common to have digestive and therefore malabsorption issues for those who have thyroid related issues, which often results in difficult to raise ferritin levels, anemia, low vitamin D, which then affects other areas in the body.

I just think thank God for the internet so that we dont have to rely on a doctor who doesn't believe our symptoms or only looks at lab ranges, telling us we are ok when obviously we aren't, then pushes antidepressants on all the too hard cases.

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