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Iíll try to keep this short Ö.

Iíve had lots of weird, scary (to me) symptoms for a few years, but was uninsured so didnít have them checked out. As soon as I had insurance, I scheduled a physical and decided to just see what the results were, rather than discussing my various symptoms with the RN who did the tests Ė didnít want to scare up the ďpre-existing conditionĒ diagnosis.

Iím early 40ís, have regular periods, though they are heavy for about 24-36 hours (for the past 2 or 3 years).

Anyway, a routine CBC showed mild anemia and subsequent ferritin and iron tests pointed towards iron-deficiency as a cause. Because I want to keep this short, I wonít tell you about the experiences I had with the medical staff, nor my symptoms, etc. Ė just my test results:

WBC, AUTO: 4.3 (4-11)
RBC, AUTO: 4.1 (4.2-5.4)
HGB: 11.4 (12-16)
HCT, AUTO: 34 (37-47)
MCV: 82.9 (81-99)
MCH: 27.8 (27-35)
MCHC: 33.5 (32-37)
RDW, BLOOD: 15.6 (11.5-14.5)
PLATELETS, AUTO: 280 (130-400)
MPV: 8.2 (7.4-10.4)

IRON: 34 (37-145)
TIBC: 289 (250-420)
IRON SAT: 12 (20-50)

FERRITIN: 7.3 (13-150)

I started on iron supplements (again, keeping this short, so Ö) and after 2 months had CBC and Ferritin retested (ref ranges are same as above):

WBC, AUTO: 6.1
RBC, AUTO: 4.48
HGB: 12.9
HCT, AUTO: 38.3
MCV: 85.5
MCH: 28.9
MCHC: 33.8
RDW, BLOOD: 16.3
MPV: 8.4


So, on the face of it, it looks good. Looks like the iron supplements are doing their thing.

Surprisingly, I received a letter today to schedule a colonscopy! I was amazed, since none of the medical staff seemed to think there was any reason to be concerned (despite other symptoms Iíve had) so Iím glad to see that theyíre being proactive.

OK, so my questions:

1) On the first test, the TIBC is low-ish rather than high-ish. Odd? Or just because it was the beginning stages of ID anemia?? For ID anemia I would have expected a higher TIBC.
2) On the second test, the RDW has gone up. Is this just a result of increased blood cell production? More variation in size due to new blood cells being made? Or ???
3) Colonoscopy prep????? How horrible is it?

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