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Thanks in advance...

Long story short, over the last 4 months my GP has been checking my CBC levels as I have had mild anemia and low-normal WBC. [COLOR="red"]My HB was always around 116, HCT .340, RBC 3.8, WBC 4.5, Lym# .05-1.0.[/COLOR] My numbers 6-8 months ago were [COLOR="red"]HB 150 HCT .440 RBC 5.0 WBC 6.6 LYM 1.5[/COLOR], so all has gone down. She mentioned maybe a viral infection, but changed her mind after it was consistant for months. IRON, B12 and Folic acid are all perfect.

During my most recent test, my doctor checked me for CBC, Muliple Myeloma, Lupus, Retic count, auto immune disorders, etc.

The tests came back good, except my [COLOR="Red"]absolute retic count came back as low 15 (reference is 25-85). [/COLOR]My GP is concerned as she has thought my problems were due to a bone marrow problem all along. The only confusing thing is, my HB, HCT, RBC & WBC all went higher on this test. [COLOR="red"]HB-140 HCT .412 RBC 4.57 WBC - 5.0[/COLOR]. They have all been low for the last three months, but all of a sudden they were more normal but my retic was quite low. Any ideas how this could be...why would my numbers go up like that? And why would my retic be so low if my RBC are in normal range (right at bottom of normal). I was also dehydrated, about 15 hours without fluids for the test, my GP thought that might be the reason for the false RBC. Any ideas...or anybody else have a low retic count and normal RBC.

I am just concerned as I don't want to worry about this being a bone marrow issue, wish it could just be a false test or something. I see a hematologist in Decemeber, but my GP is bumping it up after the retic count as she is concerned it may be serious. I'm hoping to ease my mind or prepare myself before I go. Please...any helpful information is appreciated!

Thanks again!


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