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I am sorry that your daughter has these challenges. My suggestion is for your daughter to see a good Oncologist/Hemotologist about the iron levels. This is what saved me. They are the best at dealing with this and perhaps find out if she is having GIAD (Gastrointestinal Absorbtion Dysfunction) as many times surgeries on the intestine can lead to problems with iron absorbtion. (GI doctors don't seem to have a good handle on this) She may be a great candidate for Iron Infusions. (i ususally do one treatment @week for 8-12 weeks to get my levels back up. Note that Iron Infusions take 2-3 months to bring levels back up as the absorbtion process is a slow one but sure and steady. Addressing the constipation and GI health: I am on Citrucel tablets double doses twice a day (please note that Mayo said ONLY Citrucel or its generic as other fiber pills let off a gas that makes the intestine bulge and that is bad for folks like us), Ducosate 250 1 time a day & simethicone 1-2 @ day, and ranitidine for the rest of my life as well as . This keeps the stress in the intestine as low as it can be and keeps constipation from occurring even during iron treatment. This is crucial according to Mayo Clinic. The Ranitidine keeps acid levels low and heals the tiny tears and ulcers that occur in the intestine to reduce chronic blood loss. Talk with an Oncologist to run an Iron Panel- the iron levels and the saturation numbers are very important to watch as well as ferritin. Good Luck to your daughter.

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