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My wife has been laid out for the last 6 months. It took 4 months before one of the doctors decided to check her ferritin level. Her other blood work would dip in and out iron anemia but just enough for one of the doctors to prescribe iron pills.

Her ferritin in June was a 6.
After one month on iron supps it increased to an 11. Finally a doctor decided she needed iron infusions due to the following symptoms:

numbness - all over - but really frustrating in the neck and face.
tightness in neck and face
muscle twitching
fatigue- extreme
brain fog
rapid heart beat
pain in hand joints
shortness of breath even while sitting still
trouble speaking
ears feeling full - worse now that she has an upper respitatory infection - steroids just aggrevated her other symptoms.

Her thyroid tests came back good.
She had all the tests (neuro, gastro, muscular) and the only thing that popped up was the ferritin.

Her latest cbc shows the following:
iron total: 102 (40-175)
Iron binding: 344 (250-450)
% Saturation: 30 (15-50)
wbc: 14.2 (3.8-10.8)
rbc: 4.83 (3.5-5.1)
Hemoglobin: 13.9 up from 11.7 a month ago (11.7-15.5)
MCV: 88.7 (80-100)
MCH: 28.8 (27-33)
MCHC: 32.5 (32-36)
RDW: 17.5 down from 18.7 last month (11-15)
Abs Neutrophils: 9926 (1500-7800)
Abs Eosinophils: 554 (15-500)
Ferritin: 253 (10-232) up from 11 last month
Vitamin B12: >2000 (200-1100)

What is the expected lenght of time to see any improvement? The infusions were 3 1/2 weeks ago. There was some improvement until she got sick and took the steriods.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.
I am sorry that your wife is going through this, because I am too, and I know the misery she is in. I have just had most all of the same tests done, my ferritin is at a 4, but my Vitamin D level was at 8. My hemoglobin is at 9.2.
They (Dr.) seem way more worried about the extremely low Vit D, than anything else. I have had to have iron infusions about 3 years agao, and I no longer needed to chew ice about 2 weeks after I had the first one, so I know they worked for awhile. In the meqan time I have moved, and cannot seem to convince any Dr. that my ferritin level is contributing to my misery. They are insisting that I first boost my Vit D, and B12 before they will look at iron issue.

Please ask them to check your wife's D level, when they saw low mine was, they finally realized how miserable I am.
Hi am a 20 yr old male. My serum ferritin level is 36ng/ml, I have had hairfall prblms since 4 yrs . I also ve dandruff prblms but its under control after proper treatment. my doc has also advised me 2 take an iron supplement. I jus wanna know from wen can I expect improvements in my hairfall problem?i
And does hair lost cos of tis prblm usually grow back?

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