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Dear Michael,
I am sorry to hear that your wife has been suffering with all of these unpleasant symptoms of anemia. I have experienced all of them as well, except instead of my ears feeling full, I have a constant clicking in my left ear, and my numbness was in my last two fingers and last two toes, bilaterally. I have another blood disorder and my docs aren't sure which disorder was causing my symptoms - maybe both were contributing, but supplementation with iron and also vitamin d/calcium (my D was also very low) has helped all of my symptoms significantly. My anemia was detected two years ago and was caused by heavy periods, too. After supplementation (325mg 3x per day) for about four months, my tests were normal so I discontinued the iron, which was a mistake. I had anemia again within six months because I never dealt with the cause of the problem. So I'm back on supplements and am facing an ablation or hysterectomy, or I'll be on supplements for many more years until menopause. Anyway, your concern was about your wife's symptoms and I can assure you that they are not uncommon for those of us with anemia, especially when it is severe. It is my understanding that it will take at least three months to see an improvement in symptoms and blood levels when taking oral supplements, and with infusions the improvement is a week or two. Hopefully the ablation did the trick for your wife and once her levels get back up to normal they will remain that way. I hope some of my information was helpful. Best wishes to both of you, Lily

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