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I tried longer posts in other forums. Maybe I will find answers here.
I am worried that 3 months after my second delivery I feel short of breath by doing basic activities such as speaking and lowering. I never felt it before (exept pregnant).
I had a post partum hemorrage and became anemic (hemoglobin around 8). After a month taking 90 mg iron a day the hemoglobin got back to 12.3. I then drop the iron quantity to 30 mg a day as I am breastfeeding.

Could the anemia be back? I don't feel all the other things I felt in that first month. For example, I had frequent episodes of tackicardya at rest. Now only when doing some effort.

My husband thinks my symptoms happen because I am out of shape (I am still 10 kg more than before pregnancy, already lost 15). Could it be? 4 years ago I used to run 4 km once a week and exercise the other days. Even overweight I am not that fat: 1,61 cm, 60 kg. I started to exercise and my heart rate raises too fast and too high with little effort. I feel I don't have much resistance for exercise. Does any one after pregnancy or weight gain feel similar things? Should I keep exercising and my resistance will improve or should I check my health first to avoid damage? Please advice!
Thanks a lot,

Thanks a lot for your answer. I went to a cardiologist and I have some blood tests scheduled for this sunday. He asked for the CBC, tireoyd and also something to check my liver and kidneys. Aditionallly, I will do some cardiac exams: echocardiogram and holter monitor. I know it is not a heart disease forum but I will mention that I have a small heart defect that is considered benign and according to doctors doesn't do anything. It is called PFO and is like a small hole between the atrial chambers which opens only with some effort, like coughing.
And about exercise, are there risks of exercising in case I am anemic again or even low ferritine?
Thanks a lot,
[QUOTE=sampo2;4122892]Hi FLFLOWERGIRL.

And about exercise, are there risks of exercising in case I am anemic again or even low ferritine?
Thanks a lot,

First, since you are having problems (symptoms) you should be evaluated by your doctor to be safe, as you are doing. I am glad to hear you are seeing a Cardiologist, I am a firm believer in that. The risk factors increase as the amount of Hgb concentration decreases. That is the risk. Decreased blood volume at a serious/severe level can cause serious health problems. I too was Tachy with my anemia at rest, even from eating a meal, it can be scary.

Exercise has been noted to be found decreased in professional athletes.
As far as exercising goes that would depend on many factors believe or not. How much exercise you would be doing, how heavy your periods are or long lasting, the amount of normal iron excretion for your body, and iron intake to meet the daily need for iron.

So, you need to know first if you are anemic and what your ferritin is. Honestly, everything is a factor and no two people are a like. They say that professional athletes are typically low in ferritin we know this, however; there is much more to those studies as I have pointed out some things already to you. It has been found that athletes do not have a typical diet and many do not (not everyone) meet the daily needs for iron intake in the first place, so they are at greater risk for a low ferritin and possible anemia as a result. And then they place a greater demand on their bodies that MAY causes them to excrete more iron than the average person or not.

When I was trying to build my ferritin I had a hard time doing so. I was trying to exercise too soon and I don't mean an exercise program either. My doctor at that time thought that I was possibly using more iron through an increase in my exercise level and my body was not build up enough at the time.

Yes, always check your health status first before beginning an exercise program, especially if you have a history of anemia and heart issue.
My suggestion to you would be to get your test results (including a copy of your labs), ask your doctor what s/he thinks is right for you. Take care and keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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