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Ferritin questions
Nov 11, 2009
Hey, need some help here. I'm not anemic but I do have problems with my ferritin levels. Let me explain. I have a thyroid problem but cannot tolerate thyroid meds. I also have crohn's disease which includes inflammation, infection and near constant intestinal bleeding. My ferritin has tested low several times, 10 or lower, but within a short amount of time of taking iron pills my ferritin jumps to a high normal (I always thought raising ferritn levels was a slow process). Other times my ferritin is high or high normal yet my iron is too low. Its my understanding that inflammation and infection can give a false high ferritin level. Right? How high can a false reading go? What does it mean when my iron is too low yet ferritin is high - is this a false high? Doctors seems to ignore my ferritin - if its too low they don't care and if my ferritin is good yet my iron is too low they ignore this too.

Right now I have a lot of symptoms but I cannot be sure if its from my thyroid or low ferritin: extreme hair loss, mood swings, hot flashes, irritable, slurred speech, arms feel numb sometimes, stiff fingers in the morning, restless sleep. I've stopped taking my thyroid meds, yet again, because this seems to only make things worse. Technically, I'm subclinical so without thyroid meds my normal hormone levels are within range just on the low side, not optimal.

Can someone attempt to explain the relationship with ferritin, iron, thyroid and inflammation?

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