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Re: Taking a while
Nov 13, 2009
Kallik--Welcome to the boards!:wave:

I read your other posts and will combine answers here for each of them.

The thing is, it is like this. Some people run down to almost no ferritin and they have IV and feel like new soon after infusion. Others take months to feel better. The fact of the matter is that iron has to be used to make new red blood cells which takes up to 120 days. So you still have many small cells floating around so to speak that carry less oxygen to the organs which are what operates your body function. So, no you are not functioning normally at this point. I would be curious to see what your H & H, RBC and MCV values are. I agree with you the longer anemia is present the worse the symptoms become, this is so true. It takes much, much longer for those people to recover and also it is dependent on other factors such as age and if you have another disease process happening at the same time. Anemia is not a disease in and of itself it is a SYMPTOM. You will need to know the cause of your anemia before you can fix it. Otherwise it will reoccur time and time again. Some people require infusions for life.

Also, when the body is so run down from lack of iron for a long period of time your immune system along with everything else is not working as well. If you have other things that are lurking sometimes they will take the opportunity to present because your body is so run down and cannot fight it.

You sound a little like me when you say you have had everything tested. I had so many symptoms it would fill a page. So I will not bother to list them. But I was tested for everything there is just about. I knew something was wrong. I told the doctors and I saw 10 that something was wrong and they were missing it. They reassured me it was anemia and my age, however at one point I was no longer anemic. I was only 45yrs old, hm. I didn't believe them. It is almost 3 yrs later and I have made improvements in my labs (they are perfect) and I am no longer anemic, however I still supplement with iron due to malabsoprtion. I also had more than one reason for anemia. But my point is 3 yrs later, I still have the exact same symptoms although the anemia symptoms resolved and those were: dizzy/blackout, muscle weakness, RLS, PICA, extreme hair loss, nausea. The other symptoms that did not resolve were diagnosed as Fibro/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which included several of the symptoms that you are mentioning but can also be anemia related for some people such as neck muscle tightness and jaw pain as a result of that. I already have one autoimmune disease so I am at risk for this to happen in the first place. But the thing is that I was fine until my ferritin went to 2 with 8.5 Hgb (I felt fine) and began iron. Then the iron was another story with further complications.

So, if your symptoms persist (and your doctor thinks it is not the iron), look beyond the low ferritin. And I hope you have had your thyroid evaluated as well. I am not saying that in your case you are experiencing the same thing that I went through, but if it does not resolve in several months look further. I hope this is not the case for you and that you will be feeling better soon. Take care and keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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