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Re: Results
Nov 20, 2009
Your ferritin is very low. Doctors in the UK seem to be useless at picking up on this... They just look for haemaglobin levels. If your hgb level is OK (within the normal range), you're not anaemic. & that's all most doctors are bothered about.
I was so so tired ALL the time, but every time I went to the docs (for about 5 years) and had blood tests they said I was fine, probably depressed (which I was a little, but I think because of the low iron levels!) and tried to give me antidepressants. Eventually, I saw a new doctor and she said that I actually had very low ferritin (13... yours was way lower so can't even imagine how you must have feel) which was prob contributing to my tiredness. It was also causing hair loss and restless legs syndrome. Of course if they'd picked up on it sooner I wouldn't have got to this point where I can barely function properly. I've been taking 210mg iron 3x a day and am starting to feel slightly better.

"Normal" ferritin range is 20 or above, so now you're just in range but, I think and it should be over 50 for optimum wellbeing and to stop restless legs, if you have that- it can cause you to sleep badly and therefore be tired all the time.

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