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Hi All

Was here earlier this year with severe anemia (2 units blood transfusion) and low ferritin. Since I was unable to tolerate oral meds, they gave me iron infusions. At the end of my infusion cycle, my ferritin went from 3 to 236 (normal 22-291).

Two months later, my ferritin has been retested and it is back to 15.

It's the holiday here so I don't expect to hear from the doctor till Monday if I hear from them at all since my CBC was normal.
I was coming on to basically ask the same thing. My wife went through iron infusions and at the first check through out GP, her ferritin was 253. Two weeks later when the hemo check her blood, her ferritin was 222. We will be curious to see what her level is after having her blood drawn today (2.5 weeks later).

In addition, we had the doctor run the basic thyroid and other tests for her appointment with the Endro doctor on Dec. 8th.

Her symptoms have not really improved that much except she is able to do a little more before being wiped out.

Had a CT scan with contrast on her Thyroid which showed two small cysts but the ENT said they were too small to test. He didn't see anything else in the throat area other than the voice box being slightly red.

Her current symptoms are still:
Difficulty swallowing
Neck tightness
Stiff joints
Face slightly swollen and red
Voice is hoarse
Blood pressure high & low
Eye floaters

I know it can take up to 120 days before the blood is restored to normal but we were curious if anyone could shed light on the ferritin drop.

I think it means her body is using it to make the needed repairs which is why I'm very curious to see what her level comes back as.

She had an ablation to take care of the suspected blood loss and before the infusions she was able to increase her ferritin some by taking supplements.

Thanks to anyone who can provide a little understanding and clarity our way.

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