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It sounds like you might not be absorbing B12. Get it checked. Could cause serious neuroligical problems if left untreated.

Do some research on B12 deficient and Pernicious Anemia.

Could be many other things as well, but you MUST check you B12 levels and inform yourself about this.


First time I'm posting here.

Last week at was sitting at my desk at work on a conference call, chatting away and i suddenly felt like i could hear my voice echoing and felt like i was going to pass out. I didn't pass out but my heart was racing after it (not before, at least not that I noticed). It happened again the next two days so I made an appointment to see the doc and she suspects anemia. I'm waiting for the blood tests to come back but i'm terrified its something more serious.

I'm 33 and since the start of August i've been on a ftiness drive - i did really well, running about 30kms per week and dropping nearly 2 stones in weight (17st to 15st). I stopped trying to lose the weight at the start of november but kept up the running to a lesser extent. So I'm probably the fittest i've been in years and having no other health problems - then this has slammed me.

Has anybody else had symptoms like this from anemia?

I had actually noticed that my face looked less pink/a bit gray for the past couple of weeks and i've had the odd headache or two recently. But i've had no tiredness of any kind. I drink a lot of coffee - 3 cups/day - which i've been told can prevent iron absoption. My wife is an ex nurse and she measured my BP which she thinks was 90/50 - a little low.

Sorry to go on for so long, i'm just really worried what the doc is going to come back with.

Best regards,

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